Why God why such extreme weather and the suffering from the pandemic?

We can only call on God for His mercy and grace to bear with the cold, the darkness with no electricity, no water, and all the conveniences of daily living we have taken for granted . O Lord forgive us for the sins we have against You. What we sow we must reap. So Lord help us to bear all for You have said we will not be tempted above that which we are able to bear. Lord please have mercy and once again supply the needs of Your people we pray and those who have yet to know You in their darkest hours of need.

Send help O Lord we pray for only You can lift our burdens which we lift in prayer to You. We cannot do anything without You. The government cannot do anything without You. So help Lord we pray and help us appreciate all that You are doing for us. Keep us looking to You, trusting You, keepin our faith and growing in faith even through these trials and temptations. Help us be Your witnesses of love and grace and compassion, to help each other and to share what we have with those who do not have. Lord, work miracles in our lives. To God be the glory!

For those who are deppressed and find no purpose in living, we pray they will feel Your Presence. Please revewal Yourself to them for they need no other but You Lord. You are in control and they are out of control. They need to turn their eyes to You Lord rather than to turn inwardly to egoistic helpless self. Lord You know, the shame these bear, the sin that cannot be wiped away except by the Blood of Jesus. Lord, let despair be turned to hope and let Your light shine in darnkess. Father, Your sons and daughters need to feel Your love, know Your love and respond to Your love. They need to respond to Your love for only then will You come into their lives to give them hope and life abundant. Please Lord save them.

For those who are suffering COVID-19 effects from disease, self isolation, and lack of healing. Lord, You can! You can save them from their predicaments and give them new life if they want and accept Your touch of healing and forgiveness. O Lord raise them from their sick beds and valleys of despair and set them again on firm ground of faith in You and Your life, Word and healing.

We ask and plead in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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