Jesus and me

“Jesus and Me” kept me singing all of 15 years when I was travelling across Asia Pacific as a Lead Auditor to many affiliate companies. My suitcase and briefcase and their contents were my only possessions while I travelled. They would be all I had if my plane had crashed for whatever reason. Just the asssurance that He was with me gave me confidence to work among strangers who lived in different culture, spoke different languages and understoood different life’s core values from mine. The song prompted a daily commitment to Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord which reminded me that I had a responsibility to live for Him, share the good news of Jesus Christ, care and help the needy, wounded and sinful. Jesus and Me kept me singing through all the stresses, opportunities challenges I faced and brought me safely home after each of my weekly, fortnightly or monthly assignments. Praise God He was faithful!

How about you today? Are you travelling with Jesus? Do you have the assurance that He loves you and that He wants to be there for you if only you call on Him? Have you committed to live for Jesus faithfully and true and not be tossed by every wind of doctrine you may come across? Are you caring and loving and helping those in need of love, the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope of heaven? If not. you need to know Jesus as the One who can save you from the penalty of sin, cleanse you of guilt of sin , and give you a hope of heaven.

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

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