A Sunbeam

I am feeling much better these days as the Lord has healed my broken femur and given me new strength to walk further and faster. Praise God. So now every morning when I awake I will jump out of my bed and head straight for the swimming pool that fronts my condominion apartment. I do not think first lest I feel too lazy to have my walking exercise round the pool.

The walk has increased very slowly over time in length and speed yet, by the grace of God it has! That time is precious to me as I walk I present myself as a living sacrifice to God to be a blessing to the neighbours I meet so early in the morning . I meet kids accompanied by their parents awaiting the school bus,re is a retiree from the opposite block who takes his morning swim and we chat as he has assumed the “watchman’ role for our condominium, identifying and correcting the lapses of the condominium management committee. . There is a science teacher of an international school who walks her little puppy and then takes a dip in the pool before proceeding to school. There is a young father who is a an airline steward who is so in love with his eighteen month old daugher who mhe coaxes to walk, to talk and to float and play in the children’s wading pool. Then there are the twins expatriate children of German and Japanese descent, disciplined and obedient, always racing each other to the school bus upon its arrival.

Over the last two years, I have discovered that they all need the Lord and appreciate some recognition, some sharing of challenges, opportunities, frustrations and disappointments. Each in his or her own way reminding me that I must learn to care, to minister, encourage and bless them with a Word from the Lord, a quotation, a newspaper article, of fear for contracting COVID-19 and the uncertainties of life. Thank God He has opened my eyes to see that I can share daily concerns and the good news that Christ is the answer to all our needs. It is early yet as COVID-19 has hindered church services except by zoom when Hi’s and warm welcome to the house of the Lord cannot take place. Yet I can do ministry to all as the Holy Spirit leads me not to be a gossiper, a busybody but a caring representative of Christ in my community. May the Lord help us all to be His ambassadors, to a lost world in the commounity He has placed us.. There are 120 families living in my condominium complex. May I have the opportunity to meet each one of them to be a blessing of God’s love and care to them whether they be LGBT, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or atheist, black, brown or white, big and small and seniors or young ones. Jesus wants me and you to be His sunbeam. Will you be His sunbeam today?

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