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Overwhelming fear

She was three years old, and screaming “No I don’t want to go down” to the pool. Her parents had engaged a man coach to teach her how to swim. I could hear his warm, cajoling voice, calling her above her cries and raising his hands to catch her as she struggled by the pool side. No parents in sight for this spoilt princess to receive comfort from as they had hardened their hearts to leave her in the care of a genteleman coach to be taught to swim. Fast forward 4 weeks later, she was enjoying her lessons and I could hear her squeals from mischievous play in the water with the coach.

Sometimes we have to learn that through our discomfort, and overwhelming fear, the Lord wants to teach us of His mercy, genetleness and care, lessons in life which we will never learn another way. He is there tby His Holy Spirit our coach to teach us and we need to trust and obey. Soon the overwheming fear will be gone as light dawns that we have a father and Coach who pities His children.

Like as a father pitieth his children,so the Lord pitieth them that fear him . Psalm 103:13

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