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FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

Is your life plaqued by Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt? Should you take the COVID vaccine when it isi still not fully tested but in emergency exception release mode? Has the doctor just diagnosed you with a disease you fear? Is your job uncertain? LGBT folks cannot be delivered by the Lord? The devil would like to take over your mind to fill with fear, uncertainty and doubt. What should you do? when you are overwhelmed and feel out of control?

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. … You can’t cast down or fight off the enemy’s imaginations, if you don’t have God’s thoughts (vision, and images that come through His Word for you). It is the Word of God that strengthens you, and then spoken from your lips, defeats the enemy” James 4:7

What do you do? Submit yourself to God by prayer ie calling on Him to give you His thoughts, through His Word, and the Holy Spirit replacing the vain imaginations which the enemy wants to fill your mind with. Draw strength from the Word (promise) given to you and declare it against the enemy. Declare victory, healing and resolution of your problem in Jesus’ Name!.

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