Where are you heading today?

Whether you will have a good day or one that is awful will depend on you.

Experience and beliefs- what are you experiencing now? love, hate, fun, motivated, introverted or feeling good? If you believe that your family, boss and associates are your enemies, you will choose to do them harm, be uncooperative and start meedless arguments resulting in you having an awful day. However, if you accept them for what they are, love them notwithstanding and relate positively to them, you will have a positive outcome to your day. So remember, what you sow you reap. Sow love, get love, sow seeds get fruit, sow help and you will get help, sow discord and you will get discord and be of all persons most miserable.

Today is in your hands, and you will be more blessed if you commit your day to Lord and walk in His ways Game for it? :Let us begin the day with prayer.

O God, my Father, I need your blessings today for me to be a blessing to others. Fill me with your compassion and love for those in need, and fill me with humility to accept help from others who are made in your image. Thank You Lord,, today will be a fine day as I walk in Your will. In Jesus’, love and Name. Amen.

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