12th Anniversary of ChristianBlessings

The Lord has not abandoned us in this difficult season

He has not let go of our hands

He has always been there for us

We have had a lot of questions inside

We have sometimes doubted His power in our lives

But we know that is greater than what we are facing.

And sometimes we don;t have to know the answers

But the best things we have done is just to trust Him

God’s understanding is greater than what we can perceive

That is why instead of worrying, we need to learn how to surrender

In this season of crisis, we need to stand strong

We need to strengthen our faith.

Not just for the sake of the people we love

But also for the sake of everybody who is suffering

There are a lot of people who badly need our prayers

This is not a time of doubt

But this is a time of increasing our faith in the Lord

We are not alone in this battle

We are all facing this enemy we cannot see

But take heart!

Becasue the God we believe is greater than Covid-19

He will rescue us

He will restore the world we live in

And His love will reign

That’s why continue to pray

Don’t stop worshipping God

Turn your worries into hymns of praise

Let’s praise Him in the middle of this outbreak

Let’s glorify Him even in times of suffering

For God deserves to be glorified

Our God is faithful

And He will never abandon His people

So don’t entertain your fears

Focus on God instead

Because He alone knows what is going on

And when this day is through

I pray that the people who are earnestly praying to HIm

will continue to talk to Him

That people will continue to see Him even if everything is over

That they may not forget this season and continue to praise Him

Because our God is not just our God in times of crisis

He is not just our God everytime we feel pain

He is not just our God everytime we need Him

Our God is the God over our success

He is the God of our victories

And above all He is the God of our lives

Worthy to receive our praises.

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