Our Healer

In the stillness of the night with the sound of the chirping cicadas, my helper’s brother suffered from his diabetes attack with feet and hands swollen and the most unearthly feeling in his body. The military planes flew by periodically over Myanmar’s fearful and sleepless citizenry up on the hills or in the valleys or in big and small cities. Every hospital raided and closed down and doctors in hiding as even one was caught and killed. No medicine available, no money for medical charges or medicine. What should he do? Thank God for a Christian mother who stayed with him through the night, praying and interceding for him. It was a relief to him to know if no one could help him, his mother could pray to the greatest Healer of all. Yes, the Lord in His mercy gave relief like no other could and we praise His name.

As an expatriate you may have felt so alone in your sickness. To be away from home and kin is bad enough. Thankfully if you are a child of God, you have a Father who cares for His own. He will hear when you call. Notice the heart of the Great Healer. His healing miracles took place even on the Sabbath, to all kinds of suffering people – the blind, the lame, the woman with an issue of blood, the possessed attacked by evil spirits, even the dead. Today He responds 24/7 and as long as you call, believe even with faith the size of a mustard seed. He is near if you feel desolate and hopeless. Perhaps you have a broken heart due to a failed or broken/abusive relationship. Jesus heals all sickness of body, soul and mind. He is a general practitioner as a well as specialist! Praise His Name and it is because He rose up in resurrection power, victorious over sin and results of sin in sorrow and grief and pain, and death. Yes Jesus heals. He is compassionate and will make time for you.

The Great Physician is near at hand. Amen.

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