One day at a time

Amen! Let’s learn to take life one day at a time for that’s the strength He has allotted us today.

That is why His Word says do not worry what tomorrow will bring. He who sees the sparrow fall and each flower that blooms, will take care of us who are of greater value to the Kingdom. Let’s with hearts of thanksgiving and praise live our lives today to help someone along the way, share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone, feed or clothe someone in need and be His blessing to others. Indeed we thank the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness, for saving and loving us, protecting us and meeting our every need. Praise God yesterday’s gone and we need not be chained by the guilt and unforgiveness of the past. We have the freedom to live today without bitterness as He holds our hand into the future. We need not worry about our future. Each step we take He will lead us if we allow Him to.There is no other way to receive His blessings galore. He must be in the driver’s seat of our life. Only then will we have the confidence and assurance to be His testimony wherever He sends us. Let us ask Him to lead us one day at a time. Let us surrender to His will today.

Matthew 6:34 Therefore, take no thought about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought about the things of itself. Sufficient to the day is the trouble thereof.

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