Precious Lord

My helper’s brother passed away in Myanmar peacefully. He was lead guitarist in the church worship team but was distracted and influenced to become a lead guitarist for a non-Christian band which played at university functions and other city celebrations. He hung out with them and became a heavy drinker. But the Lord loved him so much He took him home at the age of 27 years. It was a pity that he did not become an influencer for Jesus, but was influenced to live as a non-Christian. He had a motocade of 50 motor-cycles for his funeral and the other band boys collected to buy him a special coffin and rented a top of the line hearse for him. They loved him but the Lord loved him more.

The day before he passed he was happy although he was suffering fromg kidney failure, and he said when he got well he would thank all the people who had been so kind to him. He listed them down. He sang a son to his family and for a while they hoped he was getting well. He prayed with his mother and the very next morning at 5am he slipped peacefully into eternity.

At first the family was puzzled – they had committed him to the Lord’s will and thought he was getting better… but I informed them, the Lord loved him more than all his worldly friends who would have not only influenced him to backslide but could influence him to turn away from the Lord. The Lord saved His own in His time. . Praise God.

What about you? The Lord loves you too. Have you back-slided from your first love of Him? Return to HIm now and make your peace with the Lord.. Do not wait till its too late when you are influenced to turn away from the Lord.

Genesis 6:3 “And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man,

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