Be prepared

During these sad times of COVID, with inflation and unemployment in developing countries where expatriates are found, many dangers lurk especially for women who could be targets for the frustrations of the unemployed, evil minded or lazy, who would rob rather than work.

Be prepared whether you are man or woman to face the onslaught on your personal safety. Here are some steps you can learn to be prepared. It is wise to keep away from danger, but in some countries, danger is inevitable and you have to learn to cope to protect yourself.

May the Lord be with you and protect you and give you peace. May He also give healing where hurts are suffered.

Psalm 46:1 1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Let No Evil Befall Us

O God, You are the preserver of men, and the keeper of
our lives. We commit ourselves to Your perfect care on the
journey that awaits us. We pray for a safe and auspicious

Give Your angels charge over us to keep us in all
our ways. Let no evil befall us, nor any harm come to our
dwelling that we leave behind. Although we are uncertain
of what the days may bring, may we be prepared for any event
or delay, and greet such with patience and understanding.

Bless us O Lord, that we may complete our journey safely
and successfully under Your ever watchful care.


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