We begin a series with quick snaps of the Minor Prophets. The book of Hosea follows.


Theme of Hosea – We rebel, God restores with mercy. Do you need restoration?

My uncle accepted the Lord in his youth, became President of his church Youth Fellowship and by birth was a wealthy person. The Lord gave him the gift of making more money from forex trading. He gave millions away to Vietnam napalm victims, as he forgot that by grace not works are we saved. One week before his death in early October 2021, his former old pastor visited him in hospital and pleaded for him to return to his first love for the Lord Jesus. His heart was hardened at the age of 78 years old. However, on his deathbed while dying, he cried desperately “Save me” Save me” Save me!” His wife told him to make peace with his God… and he became quiet as he slipped away. Like the thief on the cross to whom Jesus said “today thou shalt be with me in paradise”, was my uncle’s last plea heard by the Lord?.

The Lord loves you and will pursue you to the end. However, you do not know when your end will be and how it will be – suddenly in a coma or fully conscious?. Will you get a second chance – return to Your Lord and be reconciled today.

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