The day President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated

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A visibly shaken CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite announced the tragedy to a shocked nation a few minutes after 1:00 pm EST.

John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was shot and killed about 12:30 CST 58 years ago today. He was riding in a motorcade through the streets of Dallas with former Texas Governor John Connolly and their wives.

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A former marine and whack job, Lee Harvey Oswald, was identified as the lone gunman who fired the fatal shot that killed the president from atop a tower in a nearby book depository. Two days later Oswald was shot and killed in the basement of the Dallas police station by a Dallas nightclub owner, Jack Ruby.


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The next day unelected Vice President Lyndon Johnson
was sworn in as the 36th U.S. president on the flight
from Dallas back to Washington DC.

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