Holiness of heart – God’s prerequisite to Heaven

Present tense holiness of heart is Salvation that only Christianity can offer. Salvation is not automatic and must be worked out daily. Future sin is not excused by God nor does Karma merit eternal life. Sin must be forsaken and forgiven in this life that can only be received by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Then eligibility for heaven takes place. You must have a cleansed heart to enter the pearly gates. Without a cleansed heart no one will have eternal life.

Faith in Christ can take a person into Heaven. The loss of faith in Christ can also take you into Hell’s Fire and eternal punishment for loss of such faith. Holy Scripture is clear without faith in Christ it is impossible to please God. Faith in Christ produces faithfulness and obedience to Him for eternity. Loss of faith in Him produces unfaithfulness and disobedience of which God does not excuse in this life as a prerequisite into eternal life .

Faith in Christ allows God’s Grace to produce (present tense) holiness of heart in Salvation. Not future tense coverage on future sinful conduct with expectation of Heaven’s bliss. Faith is not guaranteed in the future tense. Faith in Christ must be maintained in this life to be eligible to reside in eternity with Christ and with the Father in Heaven.

So many today are deceived into believing God excuses future sin and Salvation is a future guarantee. No so. The Bible says today is the day of Salvation. The Bible teaches to work out your own Salvation with fear and trembling. If the righteous scarcely be saved where does that leave the ungodly and the sinner? Examine yourselves to see if you be of faith. Examination is a safety check to make sure you have daily faith and faithfulness to Christ.

Better to be safe than sorry…

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2 Responses to Holiness of heart – God’s prerequisite to Heaven

  1. Doug Mc Clintock says:

    I am so glad that in Heaven, there will be no sorrow or tears ! All of us have friends that are not saved, yet are still very dear to us. God does not send us to Hell but we send ourselves by doing nothing for the cause of Christ !

  2. thank you, yes and amen!

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