Intercession and Spiritual Growth

Immortality Road

Someone in your life is hurting. You feel that you cannot help them. You know that they are going the wrong way but find it difficult to alter their direction. You have tried telling them that Christ is the answer. But they will not listen. You have prayed for them, of course. You have held on helplessly, as you see time running out–for them and for you as the one who wants to help them.

You feel depleted, empty of sustenance that will, like chicken soup for the flu, comfort and lift them out of their spiritual disease. Then one day you realize that you have just not gotten down and asked God to intercede in your loved one’s condition. It’s not like you haven’t mentioned them in your communications with God. You have mentioned them, but have you asked the Father, like this: “Father, would you please help them…

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About wayneman

After high school, Kenneth Wayne Hancock enlisted in the Army, serving in a MASH hospital in Quang Tri, Vietnam during the Tet Offensive of January 1968. When he got out of the Army, he settled in Concord, Calif. and married Linda. He was an everyday drug user for three years, playing in rock bands, and yet still searching for the truth and the meaning to life. It was there that it was shown to him that the old self had to die. This led to an amazing conversion to Christ that would lead them to a 14 year stint as full time missionaries to Mexico and Ecuador. He also went on an expedition to Mt. Ararat, Turkey, in search for Noah's Ark. He has appeared on television many times speaking of his experiences. He is the author of two books, "The Unveiling of the Sons of God" and "Yah Is Savior: The Road to Immortality." He has also published short fiction and poetry. He currently is an Adjunct Instructor at two universities.
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1 Response to Intercession and Spiritual Growth

  1. Doug Mc Clintock says:

    Someone in my life is not hurting !
    My son brought up in Sunday school, church and boys work but he could not understand that God wants to be in his life full time !
    Married 41 years, 2 children, none have ever gone to church
    He is now 63, his life is very comfortable, retired, new home, 2 cars, 4 Tvs, possessions posse him !
    Now he is lukewarm towards Christianity, went to church a couple times , reads his Bible a bit
    His wife is not a believer, but was brought up in the church as a child, she does not encourage him at all.
    Being 63 his mind is probably made up about his future !
    A child like faith is hard to get when you are older, you get set in your ways
    I witness to him and tell him faith without works is dead, he thinks he can be a secret Christian !
    I want him to become a babe in Christ !
    But my mother was saved at age 60 !
    I always thankyou for your Good News to me !

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