Nuggets – Lazarus and the Rich Man

“And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried.” (Luke 16:22)

Many scholars believe that the episode reported in Luke 16:19-31 actually happened, that it is a true story. If it is a parable, it is not identified as such, and it is the only one in which the name of a participant is given. Christ related the story as if it were true. But whether history or parable, we can learn much from the contrast between these two dramatically different men, their deaths and destinies.

The rich man, of course, surrounded himself with luxury (v. 19) while Lazarus struggled each day just to survive until the next poverty-filled and pain-wracked day (vv. 20-21).

No one can escape the grave, however, and in the passage of time both died. But, rather than reducing those two different individuals to the commonality of death, their differences actually are heightened. The rich man, “being in torments” (v. 23), was aware of the comfort of Lazarus in “Abraham’s bosom” (v. 22). The interchange between the rich man and Abraham, and the timeless instruction Christ gave, are well known.

Note also the contrast between “carried” and “buried” in our text. The beggar’s body was no doubt unceremoniously dumped into a pauper’s grave, while the rich man’s corpse was placed in a costly sepulcher and his funeral attended by many friends and mourners. But look beyond the earthly spectrum. While the rich man begs for mercy and relief from torment, the poor man’s eternal spirit is “carried” (literally “carried off” or “borne away”) by a convoy of angelic beings into the presence of God, where “now he is comforted” (v. 25). For Lazarus, and indeed for all who die in the Lord, “death is swallowed up in victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54). JDM

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6 Responses to Nuggets – Lazarus and the Rich Man

  1. Doug Mc Clintock says:

    An amazing story. Lazarus, a cripple, could hardly walk, could hold no job had to settle for begging Things got bad, he heeded s new spot to beg. And so looked down the street and saw this big house. Must be a rich man inside, maybe he will help me. So the beggar took his begging apron
    And settled near his door.
    The rich man saw the beggar and threw his leftovers and scraps to the beggar every day
    The rich man said, I need no garbage can now, the beggar is now by garbage can !
    And when his 5 brothers came they threw him a coin or two.
    The beggar said how good can life be, free meals and a coin or two
    Thankyou God for using these guys to help me
    They both died, Lazarus to Shoel and the rich man to hades, hell.
    Hey the rich man kept Lazarus alive with food, did he get a bum rap ?
    Maybe he should have invited him in to a good meal
    Something is better nothing, not in this case !

  2. Doug Mc Clintock says:

    The good thief on the cross and Lazarus, both amazing events in the Bible.
    We don’t see outward appearance of salvation and yet they got to go to Heaven !
    God knows the heart
    A micro second, in the blink of an eye, God knows !
    Us who have a life time of service, we must give an account of our long lives !
    If we hear the words from God – welcome good and faithful servant, that will suffix !

  3. I have always loved this story, parable or not as the assurance it gives for surrendering to the Lord! 👍💗🕊😇

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