57th Singapore National Day – 9 August 2022

It is 8 August 8pm the Eve of National Day and churches in Singapore are united in prayer in several assigned locations to pray for our nation in transition.

We thank God for taking Singapore through 57 challenging years., providing for every need through the generations, economic trough and boom, through dangerous pandemic and especially in the provision of astute strategising, by self-sacrificing and hard-working leaders. The Lord has protected us especially as a small nation which could have been buffeted by political and other competitive developments in the major partners and neighbours.

Now we must pray for Solomon’s wisdom for our Deputy Prime Minister Mr Lawrence Wong who has been named as the leader for our 4G government which is taking over from the old guard. He needs to lead in knowing well the needs among the generations, ;maintaining traditional family values, racial harmony, narrowing the financial gap between haves and have nots and providing excellent health, education and social sustainability program for Singaporeans and foreigners as well.

We pray for good teamwork among the qualified chosen who are forming the next cabinet under the new leader to have good internal government and foreign government relations which are based on principles and laws, and not be tarnished by corruption and scandals.

We pray for good government opposition that will be reasonable, constructive and supportive rather than causing division and disharmony for the good of Singapore.

We pray for the church in Singapore to be united and work with the government in executing God-fearing, godly principles and values with courage to stand up for the right under God. We pray that Singapore will be blessed as we become the Antioch of the East in spreading the gospel among residents and to the unreached peoples of the World. We pray for God’s favor above all as we persevere to glorify God.

Majulah Singapura!

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