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How Christ Is the Light of the World

Immortality Road

How, then, is Christ the Light of the world? His life illuminates God’s purpose. He is the plan to carry out that purpose. For the Father has poured it all out, written it all down, and has enacted His whole plan to reproduce Love, which is God Himself–it is all in the Son of God. Knowing Christ is knowing the Father’s plan, for “He has declared” the Father (John 1: 18). Christ has “unfolded in a teaching” God’s plan; He has laid it all out for us to see. For He is the Logos, the Word made flesh.

God isagapelove.Agape love is the seventh addition to the faith. With it His purpose is to reproduce Himself (Love) in the earth. This love is His life. And His life of love is thelightthat illumines our path here on earth. It is the ray of light…

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The Time of the End–Last Act of God’s Play

Immortality Road

Every war waged on the battlefields of this blood-stained earth, every government’s shady dealings in back rooms with the super-rich, every sober gathering of this world’s elite as they plot out the next step to One World Government, and every humble gathering of God’s people who are concerned with the above–everythinghas led us to the final act in the performance ofThe Playthat the Creator is staging.

The Final Act ofThe Play

The final act written by the Author of the Book of Life is soon to be finished. It stars the Creator Himself as the protagonist, that glorious and righteous Spirit-of-Love clothed in His heavenly spiritual body. He is known in the English speaking world as Jesus Christ, and in Hebrew His name isYahshua[meaning “Yah Is Savior” in Hebrew]. The climax ofThe Playhappens during this final act, which is known as…

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Free as the Wind to Love Each Other: True Worship

Immortality Road

Because the Father is an invisible Spirit, we need to honor and bow down and submit ourselves to Him in a spiritual way—not a physical way. But how do we do that exactly?  “Spirit” is from the Greek word pneuma [# 4151 in Strong’s]. It means “a movement of air…of the wind…” Since God is an invisible Spirit, worship of Him must come out of a spirit nature. It takes a spirit to worship the Spirit. After all, if we have been truly “born again,” we are spirit.

“That which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3: 6-8). If you are born of the Spirit, then you are a spirit and not the earthly body you see in the mirror. Since we are spirits, we merely reside now in an earthen body of flesh. Christ calls those that are born of the Spirit—a spirit. This knowledge helps us worship…

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Our Hope of Immortality–Chapter 1 of My Book, The Apostles’ Doctrine

Immortality Road

To live on.  To not have to die.  It is the common thread tying almost all cultures, religions and philosophies together.  Is it not what every nation has clamored for?

The furtive longings of a billion souls from a thousand civilizations have whispered their desire for it. The baked clay tablets of Mesopotamia speak of it. Fragments of Egypt’s fragile papyrus pages still share the dream. The Gilgamesh Epic of Babyloniaaround 2,200 B.C. chronicles the hero’s quest for immortality. The ancient Greeks thought that immortalitywas attained through courageous effort on the battlefield. Shakespeare imagined immortality coming through the longevity of the lines he wrote. The Philosopher’s Stone, with its lead-into-gold alchemic dream, symbolized transcending ourleaden mortal existence into a golden immortal elixir of life andrejuvenation. Time would fail us to include the Egyptians’ mummies, the Indians’ nirvana, and on down to our present day whereactors and directors try to immortalizethemselves in…

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