For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way:”

1. Generic Prayer for ChristianBlessings Community i.e. from various countries

2. Specific prayers for victims of natural disasters and wicked terror activities

3. Personal prayers requested.

Then when specific prayers are answered, please revisit with a praise report.

You may add your request and also respond in prayer for each request.  In consideration for others, please limit your requests and prayers to 50 words. Thank you.


48 Responses to PLEASE PRAY FOR ME/US

  1. alfred04654 says:

    Abba Father, please bless Eric ….Please help him…
    Have mercy upon his soul.May the light of Christ fill him with love, peace, joy, and salvation.
    I pray for God’s best for Eric in the name of Jesus Christ amen

  2. ptl2010 says:


    Where there is no vision the people perish. The vision here is the days of persecution are here and will get worse. Let us take this opportunity to learn what could happen, how the mind acts/reacts to persecution and be forewarned. Then let us be prepared. It is happening to somebody else, somewhere else. But it could happen to you someday.
    Is The Lord nudging you? Here’s an opportunity to send the message to people to the world outside church walls. Seize this opportunity to participate in prayer, donations and passing on this opportunity to someone The Lord is blessing. Let the children of God support these with vision of “Abduction to Kill” Abduction is happening today with the schoolgirls in Nigeria.
    Let the people of God arise to this call.

    3 days left to our campaign. Christian abductions are nothing new. Hollywood only gets on board when the victims fit their model. Here’s a story of a young American ripped from his Christian life in Iran and tossed into the bowels of an evil terrorist organization at its formation, and his struggle against all odds to escape and return to the woman he loves.

    It’s a story that both Christian and secular audiences can enjoy. Just one hurdle, we need to make the film. Once all your responsibilities are filled, we’d appreciate a contribution of any denomination or pass this along to your BFFs. Thanks so much.


    Preparations, resources, planning, filmimg, funding, marketing.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    7 May 2014

    Received word today from WordPress that May 7, 2014 saw 11 new followers, a record in a day for ChristianBlessings.

    Welcome to all recent newbies to ChristianBlessings family.

    Praise be to God for drawing hearts and lives to ChristianBlessings.
    May each Follower be encouraged in their faith in Jesus Christ and be enriched by the Word sent forth through each blog posted.

    My prayer is

    – Lord, please come and move in and among us and let us feel Your touch today. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and love.
    – Speak Lord to your servants and may they be obedient to obey in sharing Your Word to the seeking and hungry in spirit
    – speak Lord through the blogs we present here, that Your Living Water and Bread of Life will refresh and fill lives and fulfil Your plans Your Word will not return void.

    – draw those who are seekers, burdened and bowed with care, abused and in ill health, that they may receive the touch of the Master’s hand for new life, new health and to experience the promise ” Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.” They need empowerment and be raised to new life in Christ

    – encourage followers of Christ, enrich and motivate them to awake from their slumber, arise and walk in the Spirit, stand up for Jesus, follow after Him, be like Jesus, march forward in the liberty of the Spirit and do exploits for Him in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

    Lord, keep them coming, keep them here and waiting on You till they receive the latter rain. We thank you for everyone.

    Refreshed. Renewed. Revived to His glory.


    Please join me in prayer for the people and work of The Lord here at ChristianBlessings.

    Without Him we can do nothing.


  4. ptl2010 says:

    O Lord we saw the destruction of the typhoons and floods on TV news today, and we note the many lives lost at this early stage, in the USA at the beginning of tornado season 2014. We implore your grace and mercy as the season moves to its end. Please help your children who have been hurt and those who have lost family and loved ones. Let Your peace and comfort be their portion as they recover from the trauma of permanent loss. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  5. ptl2010 says:

    PRAYER REQUEST – Tornado Season USA 2014
    As Jesus said “Peace be still” in the days of old, let us pray “Peace be still” as the tornadoes roar across the USA at anytime in 2014.

    Let us pray that

    – the impact of the tornadoes be mitigated so that the damage all round to people, assets be minimized .

    -all rescue resources (including financing and insurance claims) and effort will be quick and effective

    – all who suffer loss and dislocation will remember that the Lord is in control and that they will submit to His will by trusting and obeying Him. Remember He will hear the righteous when they call and will supply their every need.

    – healing of body, soul and mind for all affected by the typhoon will be accessible and quick and facilitated by technically competent and compassionate service providers.

    May all respond to tornado alerts and take the necessary precautions and actions to protect themselves.

  6. ptl2010 says:

    Lord Jesus, as You specially impress today, I raise Meetingintheclouds (Angela) for Your special touch and grace for her. May Your Presence be so real with her in Australia as we pray for her, right now from all over the globe. Thank You Lord for Your constant love, care and healing on Angela. We pray that her ankles will be made whole for a testimony of Your faithfulness and mercy. We shall not forget to give You the praise and glory. Amen.

  7. ptl2010 says:

    Dear Father in heaven, we approach Your throne of grace with humble and repentant hearts asking for Your precious blood to cover us. At this time as we approach Good Friday we are reminded how You suffered the stripes on Your back so that we may know that by Your stripes we are healed. Lord we thank You that You have provided medical knowledge, technical skills and facilities to help us in our medical difficulties.

    We remember our brother Art (AliveintheWord) who needs a kidney transplant that he may continue to live and serve You with renewed vigor and strength.

    Lord, You know the kidney that is meant for Art’s kidney transplant and we ask that in Your mercy You will make it available for Art soon, that his health will improve with less time spent on the kidney dialysis machine, so that his concentration will increase and he is able once again to blog for Your glory
    We ask that You will prepare Art, and his family, the donor and his family, the specialists and support medical staff, the medical operation facilities and equipment for that special day when You give a second chance kidney which is Art’s desire even as He puts You first in his life. Bless him with healing, acceptance of the new compatible kidney. And full recovery. In Jesus Name we pray and we shall not forget to give You the thanks, hon our and praise. Amen.

    • 4hispraise says:

      My prayers as well. I claim God’s certain response and resolution as well.

      • ptl2010 says:

        Thank you. 4hispraise and the rest who have responded. There are now five of us who are joining to pray for Art. Praying more will join. What if it was you who is in need? Not that numbers count but it denotes the unity of this ChristianBlessings family as we undergird each other with prayer. As one suffers pain, so the rest of the body feels it too and must intercede in prayer.

  8. ptl2010 says:

    Please pray for the SEED Ministry team
    A SEED Team of six people begin another mission to Nepal, North Bengal and
    Nagaland from 16 April 2014. We conduct three nights of evangelistic and
    healing meetings in East Nepal – an area that has NEVER experienced mass
    salvations and miraculous healing. Then we have three days and nights of ministry
    in Siliguri – a Pastors’ & church workers retreat (Empowerment: Working with
    The Holy Spirit in Miracles); and Seminar for Sunday School workers.

    Finally, we take a train to Nagaland where Allan is the main Speaker for CRBC
    (Council of Rengma Baptist Churches) Theological College graduation exercise.

    As the Spirit of God leads, pray for:
    – journey mercies as we need to travel by road and Indian train;
    – spiritual covering from wiles and attacks of the enemy;
    – anointing of the Holy Spirit upon every Team member as we fulfil varying tasks;
    – Openness receptiveness of the hearts of the people we go to;
    – mighty move of the Holy Spirit in saving power and miracles;
    – good health upon all Team members;
    – for the work done shall remain and bear fruit.

    Dear Lord, You love the people of India and even as they prepare for major national elections, may Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

    As You have inspired the SEED Mission team, may You anoint them, keep them in good health and protect them from evil as they minister in Northeast India. May the empowerment of the Holy Spirit be real in each of your servants and help them over every obstacle to fulfil Your plan. As they proceed. Lord as your Name is preached may hearts be touched and turn to You, to know sins forgiven and with the hope of eternal life. O God may Your name be glorified and uplifted for the world to see that they may know You the true and living God above all gods. We pray for the follow up work too that Your work in hearts and lives will find good soil and disciples made for Your kingdom. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

  9. ptl2010 says:

    Lord we pray that You will draw to ChristianBlessings all kinds of people who need to come to know You as Savior and Lord. Please help every Contributor to faithfully send forth Your Word and love in the power and might of the Holy Spirit each day. We ask in Jesus’ Name that You will grant us Your grace and mercy that we may affirm to all of Your goodness to us-ward, Amen.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Father, thank you for You are answering our prayers as we have seen a marked increase of followers in the first quarter of 2014. We know You have drawn them here. May more come and be blessed and may those who remain with us be sustained daily in their faith in You, as they receive encouragement from the blogs. Please give bloggers the messages You want to be sent to the needy.

  10. ptl2010 says:

    O Lord we pray for the ministry of SecretAngel, who is touching many lives. We thank You for calling and delivering her from abuse. We know You have a plan for her to do greater things in Your name. Preserve, protect and prevent evil from hindering Your work through her. Keep her and her family and all those who are in alliance with her, safe in Jesus’ love and strength. Lord please show SecretAngel the path You would have her take.
    Guide her with regard to the vision, scope and alliances
    – organization, locations, staff and training and finances
    – and in short, everything she needs to let Your love, healing and restoration take place in wounded lives.
    Help her to wait patiently for Thee as You go before her and prepare the way.

    Thank You Lord the best is yet to be in You. Amen.

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