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Jesus is the Christ

Jesus is the Christ! These are words that detonate thoughts of joyous grace and mercy for many; fits of rage, persecution, and murder for others. For Stephen, they were the words of life; for Saul, they were a heretical attack … Continue reading

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Israeli archaeologists find source of ‘Second Temple’ era stones – Includes Video

A huge quarry, along with tools and a key, used by workers some 2,000 years ago have been discovered during an excavation in Jerusalem prior to the paving of a highway, the Israel Antiquities Authorities (IAA) announced.

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Facts You Didn’t Know About the Accuracy of the Old Testament

by Lyn Leahz, 12/25/2012 THE OLD TESTAMENT The first 39 books of the Bible are known as the Old Testament. They were first written down in Hebrew and Aramaic, the ancient languages of the Jews. We do not have any … Continue reading

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To the Jew First, Then To the Greek

The creation of mankind began in the Middle East, people speculate that it was in the place we now know as Iraq, between the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers.  God made Adam & Eve, the first humans and placed them in … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean I’m A Blind Pharisee?

Gustave Doré: Dispute between Jesus and the Pharisees In today’s post I would like to introduce the topic a little better for this new category. In Jesus day there was a group of people called the Pharisees. This was a … Continue reading

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