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Revelation – the seals that hide us – Hubert T. Lindsey

As I continue to publicize the lifetime preaching and teaching of the late Dr. Hubert Lindsey – God keeps opening doors. This set of audios only add to Revelation chapter 6…an expository teaching that brings clarification on the seals; and … Continue reading

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The Pale Horse – a glimpse of John’s Revelation

After the Rapture of the Church takes place the book of Revelation teaches about the Great Tribulation. Tribulation upon humanity occurs as God’s Wrath prophetically ministered to fulfill prophecy about the return of Christ with the Raptured Church. There are … Continue reading

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The black horse – the balances – and commerce during the Great Tribulation

The setting of the Black Horse? Christ opening the seals. The Raptured Church has escaped the Great Tribulation. What are the seals? God’s Judgment upon the earth. What is the Rapture? God’s final Judgment for the Church to escape the … Continue reading

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